Ilian Tape announce details of new Skee Mask LP 'Shred'

‘Shred’ will be Ilian Tape’s second LP release, due out 1st February

Skee Mask doesn’t spend a day without making music and the dedication, attention to detail and architectural approach really make this album an absolute trip to listen to. It’s the sound of a peaceful and energetic place. It’s smoky and cosy. It’s where Skee Mask spends most of his time.

A1 Everest
A2 HAL Conv.
A3 Autotuned
B1 Shred 08
B2 Backcountry
B3 Melczop 2
C1 Zenker Haze Trak
C2 Reshape
C3 Japan Air
D1 Shady Jibbin’
D2 Panorama
D3 South Mathematikz

Format: 2x12“, Digital


Ilian Tape

Developer notes.

lang: EN