Sleek Mag preview the merging of Techno and Art at Brave! Festival

Taking place in Kiev, Brave! Factory music festival promises two days of techno and art from a global roster of musicians and creatives.

Coinciding with Ukraine’s Independence Day on 23 August, Brave! Factory is the two-day festival transforming Kiev’s Metrobud with 50,000 square metres of music and art. Boasting five dance floors each devoted to a different genre of electronic music, the event’s global roster of musicians includes legendary acts like Egyptian Lover, Robert Hood and Octave One.

For its inaugural year, Brave! Factory’s ambitious organisers promise an event that goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill techno fest. In addition to providing great music, the festival will also serve up contemporary art in the form of installations and design objects – with participating artists including Berliner Clemens Behr and Kiev’s very own Oleksyi Sai.

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