South London Ordnance shares his 10 favourite techno remixes with Dummy

British born, Berlin based techno producer South London Ordnance rounded off 2015 with a release on his own imprint, Aery Metals. A collection of dark and brooding tracks with a metallic edge, the four-track ‘Tor’ EP was released in November. The dank soundtrack to energetic nights out in pulsating super-clubs or intimate basement spots, South London Ordnance will be revisiting the ‘Tor’ in January with a remix 12”. The guest reworkers are still under wraps, but SLO hints below that there’s a “very established figure in techno” involved. Guesses on a postcard please.

Inspired by the forthcoming remix EP, South London Ordnance shares some of his favourite techno remixes, from timeless classics to tracks that subconsciously always make their way into SLO sets.

Check them out on Dummy.


South London Ordnance

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