South London Ordnance makes 'Signal Boost' mixtape for Kaltblut

“I’ve been wanting to put a mix like this together for a while now, but hadn’t found the time. Over the last couple of years I’ve been exploring a lot of the 80’s Wave and Industrial stuff, mainly as a reference for a lot of the collaborative and band related work I do ­but more and more the influence has bled into the SLO material. Most contemporary Techno uses these warm, woody drums ­ but I’ve always got off more on bright, steely Linn kicks and gated snares. The Hard Corps stuff is a perfect example ­ the mixes are super hot and gnarly and there’s generally something very sexy about the combination of those toppy drums, cheap synthesisers and shrill, verby ­or alternatively ­ dull, monotone ­ almost incantatory vox. The art is always great too and the bands always look cool as fuck. I’ve never been keen on just ripping stuff note for note ­ i.e. “I’ve been listening to a lot of breakbeat and jungle ­ here’s my breakbeat / jungle track” but I like to think the new SLO record draws on some of the textures and atmosphere’s explored by people like Chris & Cosey etc, whilst still operating within the context of modern Techno. Anyway, beyond that it’s just a collection of tracks I really love and listen to most days ­ I hope people enjoy it!”

Check it out over at Kaltblut.


South London Ordnance

Developer notes.

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