Sermon 3 Recordings set to release new DJ Slugo album ‘The Archive’

After serving an extended sentence for a minor drug offence, Sermon 3 Recordings unveil selected works of never-before-released material from the ghetto house pioneer’s archive


During the 90’s, DJ Slugo was tearing up the Chicago ghetto house scene, creating a specific culture, music and lifestyle around the genre he helped birth, ghetto house. In 2002, Slugo served a 3-year bid upstate for a non-violent drug offence. Upon returning to Chicago, the city’s ghetto house scene he created had all but subsided. Many of the records Slugo made before being locked up were lost in the mix as well, never having a proper label release and never going to vinyl.

16 years later, Sermon 3 Recordings founder and record producer, The 83rd, got involved to help give these classic recordings the attention they deserve, doing a once-in-a-lifetime limited vinyl run of selected records from DJ Slugo’s archive. Fans now have an opportunity to get these records for the first and last time on vinyl.

Sermon 3 Recordings

DJ Slugo - The Archive

Release Date: 26 Oct 2018

Formats: Vinyl, Digital

Track List:
1. Bang Dem Walls (ft. DJ Thadz)
2. Like It Raw (2002 Remix) (ft DJ Deeon)
3. Hit This Ass (ft Jovan)
4. Back That Thing Up Slow
5. On The Low (ft Double AC & DJ PJ)
6. Ahh Shit

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