DJ Slugo in the mix for FADER

15 years of the Chicago producer’s groundbreaking electronic classics.

“This mix covers a 15-year span of my music production. Every track in this mix I produced, wrote and arranged. “A Blunt,” “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe,” “Where The Rats,” and “Cardboard Booty” are some of my biggest records that you will hear in this mix,” Slug says. “Also my record “Vulture Life” that was featured on the TV show STAR is also in this mix. I wanted The FADER to hear my growth & love for Ghetto House in my over 25+ years of producing and DJing. The Archive album is definitely a big inspiration to getting this mix to the masses because, just like The Archive album, a lot of these records are from that classic DJ Slugo vault of songs that never got their just due. I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting this one together.”

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‘The Archive’ is out now on vinyl only via Sermon 3 Recordings.

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