Simian Mobile Disco team up with Roman Flügel for new EP

For the final dessert course in this particular banquet of Delicacies, after successful collaborations with Cosmin TRG and Bicep - SMD are very proud to present two tracks in collaboration with none other than Roman Flügel fresh from a session in their research kitchen.

“Hachinoko” originate from Japan, and are a sweet delicacy, so perfect for our dessert - the larvae of bees or wasps, carefully harvested from their hives and cooked in sugar and soy sauce. The taste is said to be crunchy on the outside, with a gooey centre and a smoky finish… imagine, if you will, an image of dozens of tiny bee larvae, trapped in their hexagonal wax birthing cells, tapping out notes on tiny synthesiser keyboards, generating plinky electronic rhythms, over the throbbing drone of the hive’s background buzz. Before you chomp them all down.

Also here you’ll find two versions of *Ikizukuri” a particularly morally dubious dish that consists of preparing fish for sashimi whilst still alive. Debate rags over whether the fish is dead by the time it hits the plate, or if it is (or should be) still twitching. Melodic fillets are piled high upon each other, like the mound of freshly diced almost-live flesh. Probably the least said about this the better - just try and enjoy the music, eh?

Developer notes.

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