Sonny Ism explores the grooves and rhythms of island life on sophomore album ‘Island Impressions’

Teasing the album in April with the first single release ‘This Modern Life’, emerging artist Sonny Ism reveals details for sophomore album ‘Island Impressions’, out this summer on his own label Northern Underground Records. The release expands upon his already extensive back catalogue of three EPs, one LP and a collaboration with Denmark’s Kasper Marott.

For Sonny Ism, lived experience is a defining thread throughout his music. His debut album ‘Union: Integration Of The Shadow’, released last year, dove into his experiences moving from his sunny home country, Australia, to Copenhagen in Denmark with colder climates and shorter daylight hours. He started his sophomore project not long after the release of his debut, when Denmark was also entering its first lockdown.

Questions arose during this time - how could one base music on lived experience when we literally can’t leave the house? Is it even possible to make honest music without the raw emotion of life?

Not long after lockdown started, Sonny and his fiance moved to a Swedish island called Ingarö, in Stockholm’s archipelago. It was here that inspiration arose from his surroundings. As he explored his new island home with his fiance, regularly taking treks to pick berries and mushrooms, going fishing and swimming in the sea, the grooves and rhythms of island life naturally flowed into his music.

Coupled with nature - the peaceful sunrises and sunsets, varying states of the sea, rare birds, Elks and Deers - all provided an expansive raw sound palette to draw from. Title track ‘Island Impressions’ converts feelings from watching a sunset and hearing the island birds into sound textures. “Et Andet Sted” (Danish for ‘another place’) was formed around the rhythmic sounds of the ocean lapping on the sand, field-recorded after falling asleep on the beach. The stories of a new found life, especially in such a prolonged period of global chaos, see a range of mindstates and impressions come through on the ‘Island Impressions’ LP.

Northern Underground Records

Sonny Ism - Island Impressions

Release Date:16 July 2021
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Track List:
1. Et Andet Sted
2. This Modern Life
3. Alpha Rhythm
4. Time 4 Love
5. Island Impressions
6. Vibe Science
7. Planet B
8. Archipelago Balerico
9. Favoured State
10. This Modern Life - Kasper Marott remix [Digital version]

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