Soundwall interview Young Marco ahead of Dekmantel Festival

“Marco Sterk, well known as Young Marco, is a versatile artist, a dynamic person grown up between different music souls in a city in change like Amsterdam, working in labels, record store, music studio and dj booth. For us is an honour to ask some questions to one of the most interesting name appeared in the Dutch scene of the last years, because Young Marco, in addition of his passion for the crate digging, is a full talent and his debut album “Biology” in the 2014 is a proof of his capacity, an LP sold like hot cakes that have reached consistent evaluations on Discogs. In addiction of his solo career, in 2015, have joined the Gaussian Curve, with Gigi Masin and Johnny Nash, an ambient project that put the Dutch in the direction of an artist outside the box. At the end of July, we will have the opportunity to see Young Marco in action, playing at home, in a stage of Dekmantel of Amsterdam, another the symbol of the vitality of the Amsterdam clubbing and festival scene, as Young Marco is.”

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