Special Request debuts on R&S Records with exclusive artwork by Virgil Abloh

Spectral Frequency first appeared on the final day of 2019 — it was included on the 4th Special Request album released in that year alone, and caused so much havoc in clubs, warehouses, basements, bedrooms, dive bars, sweatlodges and ear buds that R&S simply KNEW they needed to give it a full release.

After discussing it with Paul Woolford, he told them he viewed a possible EP as an equal split of “Face-Melters and Heart Breakers” and this is exactly what he has delivered across both sides of this EP.

Marking the occasion, Virgil Abloh has contributed both a psychedelic and incredibly apt one-off sleeve redesign.

Special Request - Spectral Frequency

Release date: 03 July 2020
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Track List:
01. Spectral Frequency
02. Inverse Frequency
03. Family Doggo
04. No Other Way To Say It

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