Hyponik: Sync 24's most cherished electro records

Sync 24, real name Phil Bolland, is the label boss of Cultivated Electronics – the imprint responsible for releasing quality electro records from artists such as E.R.P, The Hacker, JTC, Scape One as well as a a considerable portion of Syncs’ own discography over the years.

As movements go, electro has fallen in and out of the limelight during its time and whilst it is easy to point its most recent revival towards the success of artists like DJ Stingray and Helena Hauff, Sync 24’s Cultivated Electronics remains a dominant force that has endlessly pushed developments within the genre.

Now celebrating a decade of existence the label shows no signs of slowing down, with its most recent efforts Ten Year Electronics and Split Excursions Vol.1 featuring music from Truss, Radioactive Man, DeFeKT and Lobster Theremin’s Privacy, as well as an EP from electro super group The Resonance Committee shortly on the way.

In celebration of the label’s success, we asked Sync 24 to discuss his most cherished records, citing pioneering sounds from Drexciya and Two Lone Swordsman to future classics from Privacy and Jensen Interceptor.

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