Tallmen 785 in the mix for RBMA Radio

“Brian Mitchell is a Kansas native, but it was in NYC that he first found his musical footing, playing jazz guitar alongside the likes of Ornette Coleman, Lawrence D. ‘Butch’ Morris, and others. Despite his success in that sphere, Mitchell’s discovery of King Tubby and Lee Perry at the age of 20 had previously sent his musical journey along a parallel path, one that eventually led him to Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, and the world of techno. Inspired and looking for a change of scenery, he relocated to Berlin and began producing as Tallmen 785, issuing records via Ibadan offshoot Apotek, Tanstaafl Planets, Rhythm Nation, and a variety of other outposts, including his own Tallmen Records imprint. That said, Mitchell hasn’t abandoned his past entirely, as his unique techno creations largely eschew traditional synths and drum machines in favour of highly modified and filtered guitar sounds. Of course, this doesn’t make his tracks any less suited for the dancefloor, but it does mean that there’s an impressively experimental and improvisational bent to Mitchell’s work.”

Listen to his Resonant mix on RBMA Radio.

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