The Black Madonna announces new single 'He Is The Voice I Hear'

The Black Madonna has announced a new single titled ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’, her first material in two years.

‘Goodbye To All This’ was Marea Stamper’s last release, including the track ‘Exodus’, and now she’s linked up with a pair of musicians in Davide Rossi and Christoforo LaBarbera to produce ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’, saying it will “continue the story”.

Making the announcement via Facebook, Stamper touched on why she hasn’t released loads of music over the years. “I have always felt, where making records was concerned, that it was better to say nothing than to rush and put out a lot of music that didn’t say much at all. But now it’s time to share something with you that has been the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on”.

The record will be released exclusively at Gramaphone Records in Chicago on Thursday, where there will be a party including in-store DJ sets. ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’ will then be available to purchase online.

View a promo video featuring the record being pressed, made by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering in Berlin here.

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