Teen Vogue interview Octo Octa

Octo Octa talks queer politicization, underground spaces, and more.

Octo Octa is the moniker of acclaimed house DJ Maya Bouldry-Morrison, a self-taught musician who’s been in the game since she was 15-years-old. Born in Chicago and now based in Brooklyn, Maya made a splash last year after coming out via an extensive feature article in Resident Advisor. However, she’s been making entrancing tracks that made her a prominent fixture the underground music scene since long before that piece was published, and her latest effort, Where Are We Going, is no exception. As such, we wanted to start off our Femme Fridays column with a story about how music helped her get to the point she’s at today, the overtly queer politicization of her recent work, and how those questioning their identities can always find a home in the underground music community.

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Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?

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