Territroy pick 10 tracks that define the passage of death for If-Only

The UFO Stage at Dekmantel is where futurism and menacing energies coexist. A space geared towards exploring the very darkest reaches of techno, the eponymous label has continued the theme since its inception in 2016. Better known as Mr Statik and Larry Gus, Grecian duo Stathis Kalatzis and Panagiotis Melidis have pooled their combined skills and influences under the name Territroy, serving up a debut LP that fits seamlessly with the aforementioned blueprint.

Their respective approaches to making music have birthed a brooding, mesmeric album. Where Kalatzis’ background is rooted in club-ready production, Melidis comes from more of a song-writing perspective, and ‘Skulls & Plants’ captures this duality brilliantly across its ten-track duration. As haunting and ominous as they are alluring and immersive, this playlist is a further extension of those moods and aesthetics that define the project.

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