Tettix Hexer to release debut album on The Big Oil Recording Company

‘The Great Vague’ will be released digitally on 27th March, and on cassette [via Janushoved] on 12th March

“If music is reduced to an act of consumerism — refined to a sugar-boost, sustaining the recreational act of driving home from work — then music will simply stagnate in its own speaking and get tired of its own voice.” - Tettix Hexer

The Great Vague is an ode to all the music that is now extinct. It is an ode to all the music that is yet to be born, always calibrating with the inner-in-the-outer chamber where music breathes. The Great Vague is a collection of musical ideas that had to be spoken with multiple tongues to articulate music as a defined language within a world of dying languages.

Unlike the monophonic back and forth of verbal communication, music is engaged and expressed in a polyphony of simultaneous ideas and actions of engagement between all voices of information. It is a synergy of individual instrumentation in the social scenery. Like having a conversation where every participant is speaking and listening at the same time, or a shared experience that is being painted in the present by every participant simultaneously - often painted in as many variants as there are participants!

The album is Tettix Hexer’s plead to democratize music by nurturing and empowering every single sprout of sonic creativity - to establish nuances in our perception of the language of music, allowing for more complex, yet free, sonic-emotional routing that changes the foundation of the recognisable, detached from fashion ideals and aesthetic consensus, whether it be counter cultural or mainstream.

Tettix Hexer’s key influences align with devotional music and can be described as the immutable sequences of invisible kinetics in which we execute the dialogues with the uninitiated that ponders beyond the threshold of existence. The Great Vague marks the artists first full-length release.

The Big Oil Recording Company

Tettix Hexer - The Great Vague

Formats: Cassette, Digital

Digital release date: 27 March 2020

Cassette release date: 12 March 2020 [via Janushoved]

01. The Great Vague
02. Venhændelse
03. Visible Winds of Spring
04. World Mouth
05. Immutable Interior Design
06. Lidless Sleep
07. Onomatopoietikon
08. PrayStation

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