The Mole chats with Thump UK ahead of Outline Festival in Moscow

This summer THUMP are going to experience two firsts. One: we are going to Outline festival for the first time. The two day, non-stop event, which has existed in different forms since 2009, has built the sort of reputation exclusive to certain types of festivals. The types of festivals that go above and beyond the call of duty, and take it upon themselves to foster environments instead of just putting DJs on stages and selling pints. Take last year for example, taking place in the Karacharovsky mechanical factory, located in an industrial estate, the festival was a live-in experience, utilising the space and local artists to produce something wholly unique.

Our second first: we are going to Moscow for the first time. Actually, Russia for the first time. Sure we’ve got a head for of Soviet cliches but they almost always turn out to be wrong. The festival itself takes a great pride in promoting the best of Russian art and electronic music, promoting a scene that exists at something of a distance from the UK. From what we’ve heard already, we’re expecting intriguing exercises in music and space, that both respond to and challenge the environment they exist within. That said, we can’t stress enough, we don’t know what to expect. Much like England’s football team, we are expecting to be be surprised by Russia at the last minute.

Surprises are nice, of course, but they can also be unpleasant and bring on acute anxiety attacks. With that in mind, we thought we’d call someone who already knows the festival. Enter, The Mole (Colin de la Plante). The Canadian DJ and producer, who now lives in Berlin, played a live set at the festival last year and is DJing this year. Not only that, but he’s in the fortunate position of having been to Moscow before as well. In need of travel tips, and eager to learn more about Outline, we go in touch with the Maybe Tomorrow label-head to get the low down.

Read the rest of the interview with The Mole over at Thump.

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