Thump premieres "Without You" from Philipp Gorbachev's forthcoming album

We’ve already been lucky enough to hear Russian producer Philipp Gorbachev’s new album Unlock the Box, and it’s dope. We mean that, by the way. We’re actually going to call it dope. That’s how good it is. It’s dark and playful, a record that sort of freaks you out while simultaneously encouraging you to listen closer at the same time.

For that very reason, we are super excited to be giving you an advanced taste of what to expect from his full LP when it drops. “Without You” is a malevolent journey into a deep dark club somewhere in the back of Gorbachev’s mind. It’s a perfect self-aware screamer, playing on the tropes of big-room techno complete with synthesised vocal chants and bottomless kick drums. Seriously, the kick drum has no bottom. It just keeps going down and down until it reaches a frequency so low it is only detectable by whales and the blokes getting sweaty in the lower reaches of Berghain.

The record is going to be released on Gorbachev’s own label, PG Tune, at the end of this month. Listen to “Without You” over at Thump.

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