Jas Shaw speaks to Thump about SMD's history

Simian Mobile Disco have quietly had one of the most interesting careers in contemporary dance music. Since meeting in Manchester almost twenty years ago, the duo of Jas Shaw and James Ford have found themselves everywhere from Berghain to the Billboard charts, and have put out engrossing, evocative electronic music that is as approachable as it is unconventional—all while almost willfully reinventing themselves at every turn.

In many ways, the duo’s progression from guitar-based rock to dance music, and then from pop to underground club, is an allegory for the tastes of a whole generation. The duo have always seemed one step ahead of the curve they set for themselves, and in joyously fumbling towards the future, have amassed a body of work that will be looked back upon as a definitive commentary on this whole era.

On the eve of the November 11 release for Welcome to Sideways, their fifth LP and perhaps most focused attack on functional club music to date, Jas Shaw walked us through the twists and turns of Simian Mobile Disco’s career of synth-based disruption.

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Simian Mobile Disco

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