Timedance celebrate 5 years with new compilation 'Sharpen, Moving'

‘Sharpen, Moving’ celebrates five years of the Timedance imprint, blending the labels original aesthetic and opening it up into new corners of leftfield club music. Artists featuring include the regular faces of Batu, Bruce, Ploy and Metrist, alongside newcomers Kit Seymour, Akiko Haruna and Mang & GRAŃ. Timedance also welcomes techno royalty Peter Van Hoesen with one of his most broken tracks to date, plus new appearances from Patina Echoes contributors Via Maris, Cleyra and Nico.

The compilation showcases Timedance’s evolution from ‘Bristol techno’ to a more global conscious sound, incorporating energies from different scenes and synthesising them into new modern forms.


V/A - Sharpen, Moving

Release Date: 27 November 2020
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Digital Tracklist
01. Kit Seymour - Lost Caller
02. Batu - SYX
03. Mang & GRAŃ - Live4evr
04. Peter Van Hoesen - L9T
05. Ploy - Snorkelling
06. Bruce - Longshot
07. Akiko Haruna - Die and Retry
08. Happa - 15Three
09. Metrist - Total Paper
10. Cleyra - Shafted
11. Nico - Ventana
12. Via Maris - Lapse

Vinyl Tracklist
A1. Kit Seymour - Lost Caller
A2. Batu - SYX
B1. Peter Van Hoesen - L9T
B2. Happa - 15Three
C1. Ploy - Snorkelling
C2. Bruce - Longshot
D1. Nico - Ventana
D2. Via Maris - Lapse

Listen to Batu ‘SYX’ on Bandcamp or Spotify



Developer notes.

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