Insurgentes announce new Tomás Urquieta EP

’Síntesis de Fricción’, his long-awaited debut for Insurgentes, is out 2nd April 2020

The LATAM sonic hustle reaches 2020 with a complete brainstorm collage by Chilean underdog, Tomás Urquieta. Established in Mexico City since a couple of years ago, Urquieta has managed to shape his worship for hardcore and punk into high-level agroindustrial electronics. Síntesis de Fricción, his long-awaited debut for Insurgentes, showcases his fierce and riot-infused style across three stinging tracks.

“Dopamina” is straight raised jugular pressure, built upon percussive carnage and stabbing hammerish subs. With “Síntesis de Fricción”, Urquieta looks back on Chile’s recent social protests, recreating an alternate reality where he also pays homage to Ricardo Iorio, Argentina’s heavy metal demigod. A more challenging set of rhythmically adventurous avant-techno. “Céfiiro” brings back the self-communion with a somber melancholy in which happiness and chaos coexist under one same roof. A proper allusion to what Tomás Urquieta has set up over the last decade.

Tomás Urquieta - Síntesis de Fricción
Release Date: 2nd April 2020

A1. Dopamina
B1. Síntesis de Fricción
B2. Céfiro

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