Trevino announces two-part album on Birdie, 'Front' and 'Back'

The Double EP / Album project will be split into two halves, with ‘Front’ landing 27th May

Trevino is Marcus Intalex. He is widely known for making underground drum and bass. In 2011 he started the Trevino alias to feed his desire to get back to his roots and rekindle his 4 to the floor spirit. Marcus’s other major passion is golf. The alias Trevino is named after Lee Trevino, his favourite golfer when he was growing up. Birdie, well you can guess the obvious golf reference there. There are also track titles of some his previous release that bare the names from the golfing glossary.

This all leads us to his current project. Entitled “Front”, this double EP/ album project has obvious golf connotations. The project will come in two parts with “Back” to follow sometime within the next 12 months. Both will contain 9 tracks in the same way a golf course has 18 holes split into two halves Front & Back. Marcus is keen to point out that the music has nothing to do with golf whatsoever, its just an idea he thought was a good challenge and keeps the golf thing rolling.

So here they are, 9 tracks, aimed squarely at the floor. Nothing too arsey or technical or intellectual, just 8 solid dancefloor cuts plus one short beatless thing to help make them all fit onto the vinyl..

Format: 2x12”, Digital

1. Black Cat
2. The Hop
3. Defektor Dub
4. La View
5. Solitude
6. Hum Drum
7. Moving Target
8. Elements
9. Bergmann

Developer notes.

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