Tristan Arp lands on Ronan's Eternal Ocean imprint for new EP 'Alternate Looking Glass'

Following up his recent EP ‘Oddkin’ on Human Pitch, Mexico City based producer and visual artist Tristan Arp delivers a diverse and imaginative 4 tracker on Eternal Ocean.

‘Alternate Looking Glass’ the first track and namesake of the project opens up with a flurry of tuned percussion and celestial voices, playfully oscillating between the club focused rhythms and a sensibility akin to the works of Philip Glass and Midori Takeda. “Curved Space’ takes a similar approach but this time creating a mysterious and obscure world created through a masterful use of foley recordings and polyrhythmic structures that create a sense of the tempo being pushed and pulled at the same time.

The album closes with ‘Air Portrait’ and ‘Probability Horizon’, two ambient sound sculptures that speak to Tristan’s affinity for design and visual space with their intricate melodies and textures playing off one another as they glide across the soundfield, exploring a new space in this young artist’s highly developed palette.

Eternal Ocean

Tristan Arp - Alternate Looking Glass

Release Date: 30 July 2021
Format: Digital

Track List:
01. Alternate Looking Glass
02. Curved Space
03. Air Portrait
04. Probability Horizon

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Tristan Arp
Art by Robin Lohrey and Erin Rioux

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