Tristan Arp explores animated sound design & asymmetrical rhythms on new Oddkin EP

Borrowing its title from the language of writer Donna Haraway, multimedia artist Tristan Arp’s latest work, Oddkin engages with the imagined realities of non-human forms, from plants and insects to androids. Oscillating between peaceful and apocalyptic, ambient and polyrhythmic, Oddkin is a web of unlikely bonds hanging in the delicate balance of coexistence. Approaching each track as a different living creature or sentient form, Tristan Arp leans heavily into animated sound design and asymmetrical rhythms for worldbuilding.

The EP’s cover art features an original painting made by Tristan Arp while finishing the record in his home in Mexico City in quarantine during 2020. Oddkin will be released on Tristan Arp’s Human Pitch label, run in collaboration with Simisea, on March 19th.

Human Pitch

Tristan Arp - Oddkin

Release Date: 19 March 2021
Format: Vinyl & Digital

01. Seed
02. Unfurling
03. Invertebrate
04. Oddkin
05. Sonmi-451

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