Truancy Volume 196: Call Super

Three years ago, Truants called Suzi Ecto “an expansive piece of art” in which Call Super created a “sonic world inspired and shaped by … club music”. Since his debut album, he’s released half a dozen 12”s, also going by Ondo Fudd and Elmo Crumb as well as sharing one record with Shanti Celeste and collaborating on another with Beatrice Dillon. And then there’s the small matter of his Fabric CD, which raced between music from friends and contemporaries, long-standing influences and his own productions. Earlier this month he released Suzi Ecto’s follow-up, Arpo, on Houndstooth – a record that feels more insular than its predecessor, yet comfortably so. Once again Call Super trades in beautifully rendered scenes embellished by the virtuoso clarinet of his father, David Seaton. Ideas are teased before they return fully expanded, a “journey” of a record that folds back in on itself. If we were the types to make lists you can be sure it’d be near the top for this year.

Having started the year with the aforementioned Fabric mix, he’s finishing 2017 with the latest entry to our series of Truancy Volumes. An 85-minute mix, it covers extensive ground. Not only does it run through strands of house and techno like your mind runs through rooms in a dream, it features Call Super at his most playful, exercising fast cuts, volume chops and breathtaking acapella transitions. You can tell that he’s enjoying every minute.

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Call Super - Arpo

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