Truants chat to Basic Soul Unit

“The ability to be diverse in one’s creative output without compromising on quality or substance is a rare quality, but one that could be easily ascribed to the Toronto-based producer and DJ Stuart Li. Working primarily under the name Basic Soul Unit (the name itself could be interpreted as an indication of his approach, a synthesis of classic organic Chicago house sounds with the more structurally “rigid” sound palette of techno), Li has slowly but steadily built up an impressive back-catalogue of releases on labels which encompass various geographies as well as stylistic variations of dance music. His latest project, an album on the Dutch label Dekmantel entitled Under The Same Sky, is arguably Li’s most full-on and impressive take on techno. Truants had the pleasure to speak with Basic Soul Unit about his relationship with music, his experience of the dance music scene in his hometown of Toronto and a host of other topics.”

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