Truncate set to release new 'Submission' EP on Ultramajic

Release Date: Vinyl 18th December 2015, Digital 29th January 2016

Earlier this year saw the launch of Jimmy Edgar’s Fabriclive 79 compilation, and within it oscillated the robotic undertones of Submission - the latest project from LA native Truncate (aka Audio Injection).

Submission’s machine-gun hats, dissected by crunchy thunder claps, lay foundation to the clockwork repetition of an overbearing artificial intelligence. Truncate’s rework applies generous reverb for a more dense spatial distribution, whilst Edgar retains the track’s original minimalism, sparingly peppering additional synthetic tones over the top. Movement is then created in Kris Wadsworth’s rework, infusing textures and synthesis for a more evolving composition.

A1. Submission
A2. Submission (Jimmy Rework)
B1. Submission (Truncate Rework)
B2. Submission (Kris Wadsworth Rework)

Developer notes.

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