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Space, the future, and the darkness of the unknown have been inspirational material in electronic music since even before the first key was struck on the synth-happy soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos in 1980. Fast-forward a few decades later though, and some electronic music has shirked its pre-occupation with fantastical visions.

Prime Numbers, the Manchester-and-Berlin-based label run by Trus’me (born David Wolstencroft), however, is a cutting edge enterprise, having propelled the careers of Actress and Motor City Drum Ensemble and wooed remixes from international techno deities Marcel Dettmann and Alan Fitzpatrick. Wolstencroft issues chrome-coated compositions to pose an important question: If techno is in fact the forward-thinking endeavor it claims to be, why do so many warehouse ravers stare at their feet all night instead of the stars?

Trus’me is tackling this notion with his latest LP, titled Planet 4, due May 30. It’s a bold departure for a producer and DJ associated with Detroit-flavored techno-and-house. Not satisfied just making cuts for the dancefloor, Trus’me’s latest endeavor reads like a concept album of garbled dance beats written with analog synths to tell a story, in this case a retro-futurist conspiracy tale about human life on Mars.

The celestial subject matter actually has a grounding effect on Trus’me’s music. The tunes are funky, glitchy, spooky, and raw. It sounds like it would be at home on earthly dancefloors, but there’s a skittish fuzz to it that seems closer to Mars Attacks! than a Sagan-narrated War of the Worlds. And in taking this tact, Trus’me has merged the retrofuturism of Detroit techno with the thunderous, otherworldly hum of modern analog techno, and in doing so, he’s written the kind of music that would fit quite well playing in the commercial spaceflight prior to take-off to Mars itself.

Check out the album and read a few words from Wolstencraft on the nature of the release over at Thump.



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