Uffe to release debut LP 'Radio Days' on Tartelet Records

Release Date: 23.03.15
Format: LP & Digital

Uffe Christensen says he’s not listening to much house music these days. “If I could,” he said from his home in Amsterdam, “I’d make a jazz album.” But the Danish soundsmith doesn’t sound like he’s resigned himself to make a standard dance floor record, exactly.

Returning to Tartelet for the first time since his debut release under his own name, 2012’s Straess! EP, Uffe has delivered an uncommonly graceful and assured first album, assembled from a few years’ backlog of tunes and a young lifetime’s worth of disparate musical influences. On Radio Days, you’ll hear shades of hip-hop (Uffe’s first musical love, he says), smoky soul, generations of jazz styles and, of course, a distinctly Detroit strain of grooving house music—often all on the same track. But even if you know the constituent parts, you haven’t heard them pieced together quite like this before.

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