Ultrademon announces details of new LP 'Durian Rider'

Ultrademon’s ‘Durian Rider’ album is set for release November 27th on his Coral Records Internazionale imprint

“The album ‘Durian Rider’ is about riding your bike, dodging the vampires, and eating fruit. The name comes from a popular youtuber and vegan activist dubbed ‘Durian Rider’. He started a popular forum called ‘30 Bananas A Day’ and almost single handedly built the largest fruitarian / fruit based vegan community on the planet.
In this album I basically recorded nearly all the melodic parts from live synthesizers, I used a lot of mechanical sounding samples as well as a sound floor.”

01 Bahai People
02 Durian Party
03 Paradox Blade
04 Wet Again
05 Nyorai (Feat Del Dot)
06 I Done Mind
07 Pink
08 Moonlit
09 Paradox Blade (Ambient Mix)
10 Bahai People (Ambient Mix)

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Ultrademon also launches a new subscription service “dedicated to fans who dont want to wait for official releases”. This includes exclusive tracks each month, alternate versions of previously released material and rare communiques, videos and photos. Subscribe here.

Developer notes.

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