South China DnB imprint Unchained announce remix compilation feat Sinistarr, Royalston, Doctor Jeep +more

Shenzhen/Hong Kong imprint Unchained presents “The Remixes” compilation, a 16 track exploration of sound encompassing a slew of new music by some insanely fresh talent as well as a collection of the label’s best remixes to date.

With a roster of artists from China, Europe, UK and the US, the LP continues to forward the label’s aim of discovering and embodying unique forms of fast bass music whilst staying true to the foundations of Drum and Bass.

Representing China, both Radiax and 3ASIC reinterpret two of the label’s biggest tunes. From the UK, Whiney, Rohaan, HØST, and Arkaik deliver various mutations of grit. Continuing to explore fertile new ground, contributors from Europe include Was A Be, Fractale, Black Barrel, Kabuki and Supb Yao. Stateside, Doctor Jeep continues his unfolding journey into Drum and Bass whilst Sinistarr meditates firmly on his Detroit roots.

Unchained Recordings

V/A - The Remixes

Release Date: 11 September 2020

Format: Digital

01. Rohaan - Sirens (Kabuki Remix)
02. Severity - Broken Hearted (Whiney Remix)
03. Oakk ft. Rider Shafique - Growing (Radiax Remix)
04. Radiax - Beijing Banger (Was A Be remix)
05. Doctor Jeep - Unreal (Rohaan Remix)
06. Cesco - Random Adjective (Arkaik Remix)
07. HLZ - Blind Slug (Fractale Remix)
08. Radiax - The Centre (Black Barrel remix)
09. 3ASiC - Lorentz (Doctor Jeep Remix)
10. Severity - Fakeworld (Royalston Remix)
11. Subp Yao - Backwitda (Yoofee Remix)
12. Groves - VOTPW (Sinistarr Remix)
13. HØST - Valhalla (3ASIC Remix)
14. Subp Yao - Backwitda (Dead End Remix)
15. Fractale - Frei (Subp Yao Remix)
16. Corrupted - Dead End (HØST Remix)

Listen to ‘HØST - Valhalla (3ASiC Remix)’ on Bandcamp

Pictured: 3ASiC

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