Vegyn shares video for 'I See You Sometimes (ft. Jeshi)' ahead of new EP release

Vegyn is an artist that defies definition. His work on a multitude of collaborative projects with the likes of JPEGMAFIA, Kali Uchis, Dean Blunt and Frank Ocean across Endless, Blonde and Blonded Radio has rapidly cemented his reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting creative minds. In 2019, Vegyn released Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds, his much-celebrated debut album that combined ambient textures with fragmented percussion and a human emotion throughout. After a run of standalone singles last year and a unique locked groove compilation featuring the likes of Arca, 100 Gecs, Blood Orange and more, Vegyn today once again confounds expectation, announcing a brand new EP, Like A Good Old Friend, on his own PLZ Make It Ruins label, with a new track titled ‘I See You Sometimes’.

Set to an analog bounce, ‘I See You Sometimes’ is a cut of melancholic electronic rap that twists and turns to take the road less travelled at every opportunity. Teaming up with rising London artist Jeshi, the track explores the deepest recesses of the human psyche, with Jeshi’s monotone delivery transposed as the track’s tempo picks up speed, revealing his vocal has been timestretched all along - exactly the type of playful slight of hand amongst richly emotional work that Vegyn has long become synonymous with. This, alongside dynamic yet foreboding visuals that riff on themes of surveillance courtesy of Richard Philip Smith convey Vegyn’s creative fearlessness as an artist unafraid to create work that’s immediately entertaining, yet inspires a viscerally thought-provoking reaction.

On March 19th 2021, Vegyn will release Like A Good Old Friend - a brand new, 6 track collection that charts more of a foray into dance music, with a typically unconventional Vegyn twist that is still imbued with all the emotion and euphoria of his signature work. With ‘I See You Sometimes’ and his forthcoming new EP, Vegyn is consolidating his status as one of the UK’s most unique creatives - an artist who refuses to compromise in a way that’s endlessly imaginative while maintaining an insatiable sense of fun across a number of different mediums.

PLZ Make It Ruins

Vegyn - Like A Good Old Friend

Release date: 19 March 2021

1. I See You Sometimes ft. Jeshi
2. Like A Good Old Friend
3. So Much Time So Little Time
4. B4 The Computer Crash
5. Mushroom Abolitionist
6. Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Ruining Songs

Watch the video for ‘I See You Sometimes (ft. Jeshi)’ here

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