Colombian producer Verraco announces debut LP 'Grial' on his own Insurgentes imprint

Programmed between Medellín and Barcelona over the course of two years, and rejecting the notion of a singular Latinx musical identity, Verraco paints his own vision of South American IDM, blending perreo, jungle ambiance and mountainous Andes braindance.

From rural chants flowing down a mountain range, to road bikes and gang outbreaks lighting up cityscapes, the use of field recordings in Grial guide listeners through Verraco’s sonic fiction. These ten pieces, mastered by Rashad Becker, present an intricate pluriverse that the Western world has greatly marginalized.

Quickly emerging as a key platform for a subset of Latin American electronic sounds, Insurgentes has helped mobilize a network of artists against Westernized political and aesthetic hegemonies. Verraco’s Grial serves the label and the world a powerful Latin-Futurist message: the utopia is being executed.

Listen to first single ‘Traición (10mente mix)’ on Bandcamp or Spotify

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