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Kiki Kudo Is Whipping Up Kitchen Wave Techno to Go With Her Delicious Vegan Recipes

To call Kiki Kudo a jack of all trades feels like an understatement. Born in Yokohama, a city that sits on the Tokyo Bay, Kudo was already an accomplished writer before she moved to New York City 7 years ago on a journalist visa. She had studied oil painting at art school for a while before quickly realizing it wasn’t her thing, and then devoted herself to writing, contributing to fashion and culture magazines like Brutus. She also wrote two novels, one a sort of meta-fiction book in the style of Kathy Acker, and the other was more straightforward art criticism. She started going out in Tokyo too, getting immersed in the city’s thriving club scene, but it wasn’t until she moved to New York in 2011 that she started to DJ, produce music, and cook, all of which she’s creatively focused on at the moment.

Kudo had a DJ residency at Lower East Side institution Pianos for a while, and two years ago she started to teach herself how to produce (she shows Rachel Hahn all of the KORG software that she uses on her computer while they chat in Dimes Deli). Her delightfully wonky debut EP, Splashing, came out on Brooklyn-based label Incienso last year, and Kudo’s characterization of it gives some insight into her varied audio-gastronomic palate; she calls it: “Nanotech Pop, Synth Jams, Kitchen Wave, and Listening Techno.”

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