Walter Gross debuts on Maelstrom & Louisahhh’s RAAR imprint with new album 'Rippers Only'

The Baltimore-based multimedia artist and musician creates a 40-minute sonic feast crafted in retaliation to the consumer-driven ideologies of the modern music industry

Genre-defying, lawless, joyfully sounding something like gnashing teeth and hangnails, falling in a bright crack between some kind of ritual and a broken pickup, RAAR is delighted to present ‘Rippers Only’ from Maryland-based multi-media artist and musician Walter Gross.

Exactly 40 minutes of one-take wonders, this LP is not only a sonic feast but a demonstration of creative ethics, catharsis, self-expression and a deep longing to make something in direct retaliation to the mindless, consumer-driven ideologies of the modern music industry. Somehow, in that quest, the work produced manages to be at once ferocious, beautiful, banging and liberated.

We hope you love this special album as much as we do. - RAAR


Walter Gross - Rippers Only LP

Release date: May 9th 2019

Track List:
1. Welcome
2. Dissolve
3. Soak It In
4. Agamemnon
5. The Sphere Of Saturn
6. Pull Up On Your Block I
7. Pull Up On Your Block II
8. Like It’s Entertainment
9. Lighten Up

Stream the LP in full here

Developer notes.

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