Simian Mobile Disco Set to Release New Album 'Whorl'

Simian Mobile Disco unveil full details of Whorl

The latest album from Simian Mobile Disco, Whorl, is due out September 8th on ANTI-.

The recording process for the UK duo’s fourth album sets it apart from their previous outings—if not from lots of other contemporary electronic records. James Ford and Jas Shaw created a paired-down, computer-free but deeply powerful setup with live performance in mind. It effectively merged the nitty-gritty of writing a studio album with the flair of playing live. The album was primarily recorded over three days spent in the Southern California desert, with much of the material for the album taken from a show at a saloon near Joshua Tree National Park.

Given the nature of SMD’s current approach, live shows will be a big part of promotion for this album—they played Sónar By Day last weekend, and they currently have Whorl dates in Tokyo and London on the calendar. The first single, Tangents, is set for release on June 30th.

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