Ecuadorian Rhythms: Quixosis guest show for Worldwide FM

Considering its small area and population, Ecuador is remarkably hard to define. It’s a land of exaggerated topography; climate, culture, and vegetation warp rapidly as you travel from region to region, and so does the music. In this Worldwide FM special, we explore Ecuador’s quirky musical history, styles, and unexpected cultural fusions. It must be said however, that there is something that brings all of these expressions together; there is a sense of resilience, of strength, of joy in the face of sadness. not in spite of it but because of it. Our diversity is not just an expression of geography, but also of a historic resistance to homogenous identities. Our music, like the cultures that birth it, has an impressive will to survive.

From the dusty tape reels of the lost CAIFE records catalog from the 1960’s, to Ñanda Mañachi’s indigenous recording resurgence of the 1970s, and Polibio’s 80s’ sanjuanito Synthwave, 90s bomba, and the recent electronic boom, Ecuador’s music history is diverse and quirky. Deep, psychoactive, and contradictory; its sound simultaneously full of heartbreak, joy. From fierce to humorous, from pious to sultry; Like the land that it comes from, this music is full of unexpected shifts.

On 24th May, in celebration of 198 years from our battles of independence, we traverse the bold topography of this territory’s musical expressions; stories and sounds from its past, what it looks like in the present, and some of its possible futures. -Quixosis

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