XLR8R stream new Aris Kindt LP in full

Scissor and Thread label head Francis Harris returns to his imprint with Floods, his latest LP in collaboration with longtime friend and guitarist Gabe Hedrick under the Aris Kindt moniker.

Following on from Harris’ much lauded and critically acclaimed sophomore LP, Minutes of Sleep—released back in 2014—Floods provides yet another masterclass in atmospherics and subtly. Taking cues from the dense textures found on Minutes of Sleep, Harris this time pushes the elements deeper, burying the brittle beats and Hedrick’s guitar work under beautifully fragmented field recordings, haunting ambience, and delicately woven noise.

In creating Floods, the duo focused on the late author W.G. Sebald’s interpretation of Rembrandt’s 1632 master work, ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp,’ sculpting a detailed sonic wander into the heart of Adriaan Adriaanszoon (Aris Kindt), the centerpiece of Rembrant’s artwork. With Floods, and not unlike Rembrandt’s intention, Harris and Hedrick “attempt to subvert the listeners’ memory of a moment,” creating a drifting piece of art that morphs over time, floating in and out like a half-remembered memory.

Stream the full ‘Floods’ LP on XLR8R.

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