XLR8R Podcast 384: Zenker Brothers

“We here at XLR8R love no-nonsense names, and Munich, Germany’s Zenker Brothers fit the bill on that count—Dario and Marco are indeed brothers, and Zenker is their real given surname. We also love no-nonsense (and hot) music, and that’s just what the brothers, who run the rather magnificent Ilian Tape label, specialize in: sometimes tough, often atmospheric and always compelling techno, leavened with more than enough rubbery playfulness, dubbed-out weirdness and plain old funk to keep things extremely interesting.
Talented DJs and producers as individuals, the two joined forces as a single entity back in 2011—but with the new album, an upcoming DJing schedule to die for and the continued ascendency of their label, we have a feeling that 2015 is going to be Dario and Marco’s year. Therefore, we figured it was high time to host an Zenker Brothers set, which the pair have thoughtfully put together through the magic of an all-vinyl mixing session. We love it, even more than we love their nomenclature.”

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Zenker Brothers



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