Le Motel heads to Portuguese label XXIII for new EP 'Pots & Pans' ft. Magugu

Brussels-based artist Le Motel returns with a 4-track EP on Portuguese label XXIII. ‘Pots & Pans’ follows Le Motel’s ‘Transiro’ EP on his own Maloca Records imprint, released earlier this year.

On ‘Pots & Pans’, Le Motel uses organic elements stacking them against stems filled with bass and drums, adding to his excellent back catalogue of self-releases and collaborative projects.

Leading with ’Azande’, the track blends UK Garage, dub techno, and jungle and features hypnotic chants from Wayo - a small village in South Sudan. In this village music is king and everyone is a master of their shared sound which summons ancient polyrhythms of Africa’s newest nation.

‘Shaolin’ is a dark dubstep production featuring Nigerian MC, Magugu. The Shaolin training teaches you how to be sharp in a dangerous environment, ‘we come in peace but ready to defend our peace’.

On the last two tracks (‘Work Your Back’ and ‘Ay Chica’), Le Motel dominates with a brilliant blend of his varying influences whilst staying true to his focus of driving drums and weighty bass.


Le Motel - Pots & Pans

Release Date: 27 November 2020

Track List:
1/A1. Wetlands
2/A2. Clairvoyant
3/B1. Gravel
4/B2. Whole Wide Worlds

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