The Zenker Brothers step up for a Mixmag In Session mix

Dario and Marco Zenker are two artists who are building something special. Through the Ilian Tape label they co-founded the brothers have set out a blueprint for a richly textured form of techno, crafted to precision to move a dancefloor in both a physical and emotional sense.

Based in Munich, the label’s output has been powerful in a more subtle manner than the no-holds-barred approach commonly found pounding clubs into submission in Germany’s capital city and famed industrial techno stronghold Berlin, with Marcel Dettmann naming the duo’s music as his “weapon of choice” when pursuing a sharp shift of tone in a set. It melds UK-styled breakbeats with layers of expansive bass and lustrous synths, resulting in a more immersive experience. See cuts such as Andrea’s ‘Rainbow’ and ‘TSV WB’ from the Zenker Brothers’ appropriately-titled debut LP ‘Immersion’ for examples.

Listen to their In Session mix over at Mixmag.


Ilian Tape

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