4:3 premiere new Kilchhofer Anklin video 'Zinnen'

Frode and Marcus bask in the organic sounds of Kilchhofer + Anklin with this Super 8 filmed music video shot in Bali & Gran Canaria. “After hearing the song, we got this all of a sudden feeling for Bali, probably because of Balinese gongs, which we both love,” Frode and Marcus tell 4:3.

“We have both shot things in Gran Canaria before and love it,” they continue. “It offers a lot of variety has a great blend of extraordinary beauty, industrial areas, tacky tourist areas and dusty wastelands full of rubbish and gravel.”

‘Zinnen’ is taken from “Moto Perpetuo”, the forthcoming Kilchhofer Anklin LP due on Marionette. Its not the first time Marionette figurehead Kilchhofer has worked with Swiss percussionist Michael Anklin, but “Moto Perpetuo” is their most comprehensive joint statement thus far.

Drawing on the titular concept of perpetual motion, the pair find a calming middle ground between their respective modular synth and percussion across six delicate compositions.

Marionette will release “Moto Perpetuo” by Kilchhofer Anklin on March 15th.

Watch ‘Zinnen’ here

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