Zoë Mc Pherson launches AV project Xquisite Force + new 'Tenace' video

In collaboration with SFX label co-founder Alessandra Leone, the ‘Tenace’ video is a visual representation of ‘States of Fugue’s’ rhythmical essence.

The track’s addictive rhythm and vocal insistence relate to Alessandra’s video concept of relentlessly dancing yourself out. It’s a way to empower yourself, shift, persist, accept uncertainty, and move deeper in all directions.

‘States of Fugue’ was released in February this year on Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone’s newly launched multimedia label SFX. Along with the video release, the pair announce ‘Xquisite Force’ - a collaborative audiovisual thread. An ongoing project, the first edition is launched with ZULI, Ainissa V, Defasten and Iamnatural among others.

Watch ‘Tenace’ on Vimeo

Watch Xquisite Force part 1 and find more information here

Developer notes.

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