Dekmantel Records

The Dekmantel Collective is made up of a group like minded friends who all share the same love for quality music. Founded in 2007, the initial target was to present different music in the capital city’s night-life, which was - at the time - dominated by too much of the same. While the first parties took place at various small venues, Dekmantel’s popularity soon grew and currently regular nights are held in Amsterdam hot-spots such as Paradiso, Studio 80 and Trouw.

The year 2009 marked the beginning of the Dekmantel record label and booking agency. Both saw a very promising start as a selection of Holland’s finest artists immediately joined the agency roster and the first releases received praise from every corner of the world.

Having introduced many upcoming artists as having featured many favourite legends and pioneers too, Dekmantel has become a household name in the Dutch music scene specialised in presenting the best of the old and the new nicely fit together.



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