Manana Festival 2016

We are MANANA • CUBA, a Cuban/British non-profit organisation that connects the rich heritage of Afro-Cuban Folkloric music to the Electronic music community. On 4-6th May 2016 we will be the 1st International festival of its kind to take place on Cuban soil - open to both Cubans and foreign travellers.

The concept for the festival has been developed in partnership with Cuba’s most influential cultural institutions and musicians, and has been approved by the Cuban Government. It will take place in Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba, widely regarded as the musical heart of the Caribbean.

What began as a musical dialogue between three friends - Alain, Harry and Jenner - in the barrios of Santiago de Cuba can now count on the support of an incredible network of acclaimed partners, including legendary British Production company No Nation, Mexican record label Cobra Voyage, Scottish ethical travel partners Caledonia Worldwide, US Latino mouthpiece Conrazón, Tropical DJ collective & Vinyl mastering plant Sofrito and The Carvery, acclaimed record label Soundway and underground party organisers Black Atlantic.







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