No Bounds 2017

Adventurously exploring a world beyond limitations

No Bounds is a new festival for music, art and technology taking place in Sheffield UK between October 13- 15th.


No Bounds will present a launch event on June 9th across multiple venues split into two parts. The day will take place from 1- 10pm in a gallery space holding discussions, workshops and 80% of the live performances. The night program will host DJ’s and live acts at two simultaneous raves at Hopeworks and Trafalgar Warehouse.

Nina Kraviz
Helena Hauff
DJ Nobu
Lena Willikens
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Live AV)
Shackleton (Live)
Avalon Emerson B2B Courtesy
Patten (Live AV)
London Modular Alliance (Live)
Steve Hauschildt (Live)
Nan Kole Presents Gqom OH!
Joby Burgess (Pioneers Of Percussion - Live)
Lo Shea
Reckonwrong (Live)
Roots In Heaven (Live)
Joe Muggs
Algorave Ft Yaxu + Blood Sport + Heavy Lifting + Polinski + Miri Kat
University Of Sheffield Sound Laboratory
SongSeven Ft Martin Archer
Bradley Woody
Mattias Jones
Gevi Carver Presents “The Unsung”


New technologies and frontiers - Mixed Live Coding Session provided by Yaxu from Algorave.

All female coding provided by Yorkshire Sound Womens Network - safe space workshops for women.

Modular synthesis - London Modular Alliance will deliver an introductory mixed workshop for aspiring modular synth fans.


Hosted by London Modular Alliance we look at the resurgence of Modular synths and consider Modular Vs Coding and “Platform” in the writing process. Speakers such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Lucy ( Roots In Heaven ) and Gqom OH!’s Nan Kole are invited to share their thoughts.

Hosted by Sheffield’s festival of debate & Wordlife we are consider issues from “Boundaries” and “Access” via “Otherness” and “Gender”

Joe Muggs from The Wire magazine chairs a discussion with various performers of the festival speaking about a yet to be defined criteria.


Sheffield University Sound Laboratory - Ft prof Adrian Moore, Adam Stavonic and various Acousmatic and electroacoustic installations from the Sheffield uni music department.

Bradley Woody - “Shift” - a short film and supporting photographic urbex work charting Sheffield’s industrial legacy into its shifting future.

Matthias Jones - Sheffield based visual artists will explore light in his pattern based algorithmic approach.

Poetry VR installation.

‘Wordlife is one of the leading literature organisations in the north. In collaboration with local tech start up Epiphany VR they have created the world’s first ever pop up poetry VR installation. Supported by ‘City of Making’ the poems are filmed in four locations – Abbeydale Brewery, Hope Works, Portland Works and APG Works and explore Sheffield’s history and culture of ‘making’.

Live Performances:

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Live AV)
Patten (Live AV)
London Modular Alliance (Live)
Steve Hauschildt (Live)
Joby Burgess (Pioneers Of Percussion-Live)

Songseven Ft Martin Archer (Live) A 7 piece improvisation based around the real time reading of Benjamin Dorey’s new poem “7 Hills”, read by Ben himself, with a cast of Live Coders, Modular synths , Live improvisers (Martin Archer) and electroacoustic musicians/sound designers. This will form a 25 minute piece of evolving wave of rhythm and sound to accompany Benjamin’s poetry.

The Unsung (Live) From Prokofiev’s wife to Radiohead’s drum technician, many have laid down their lives for music. This brand new show from poet Gevi Carver is a raucous funeral party for the forgotten heroes of musical history. Weaving spoken word with original music from a live band, The Unsung takes you on a whirlwind tour around the world exploring how music has shattered the lives of those who’ve loved it most.

Algorave (Live) (Live) ( Algorave - Live Coding from Yaxu,Polinski, Blood Sport + Heavy Lifting and Miri Kat )

( Note: Songseven and The Unsung are both new fusions of live improvisation and poetry. )








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