Interdimensional Transmissions

Interdimensional Transmissions is a Detroit based label founded by BMG (Brendan M Gillen) in 1995 with a record by Ectomorph. The label has come to represent the left hand path within Detroit Techno, Electro, post-disco etc. IT often takes a wide musical lens and incorporates history as a way to find something both pure and new. Interdimensional Transmissions’ music is frequently an insightful commentary on a continuum, where you have to be part of the culture to fully grasp the context.

IT is collaborative in nature, and functions as dialog between label partners BMG & Erika. They have recently started a sublabel Eye Teeth as a way to explore more pure and experimental techno in a contemporary context. IT parties have also gained a cult status, with their party No Way Back becoming the focal point of a sort of post-rave cultural phenomenon.


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