A Made Up Sound - A Made Up Sound (2009 -2016)

A Made Up Sound concludes his self-titled label with a final 12” and double CD compilation, providing a comprehensive overview of the music he’s been releasing via the imprint over the past 8 years. The compilation includes 3 new tracks.

A Made Up Sound is Dave Huismans’ longest running project, with its initial inspiration dating back to the house and techno he grew up with in the 90’s in his native Holland as a raver, record collector and aspiring DJ. He started producing music in 2003 and has since released his leftfield take on techno on Delsin, Clone and The Trilogy Tapes among others. In 2009 he set up his own label, home to some of his most compelling work. It runs across ten 12” singles: 001 till 009 (due in November) and special edition 00X.







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