15 Years of The Bunker

In January of 2003, The Bunker started as a weekly party at subTonic in the Lower East Side of New York, sometimes attracting mere dozens of people every Friday for the first year. Fifteen years later it’s grown beyond an established party to encompass a record label, long-running podcast series, radio show, North American booking agency, and is now an internationally respected techno institution. In the past few years, we’ve watched our resident DJs go from local heroes to busy touring artists and have presented The Bunker parties around the world in places we never thought that we’d go to much less play.

To celebrate our 15 years of existence, we present this 26 track, 3+ hour compilation of artists from The Bunker NY label, our agency roster, and a few new members of the family. Most of these artists you should already know, but we’re very proud to present the debut productions from rrao, Abby Echiverri, Coward, and LDY OSC., all of whom have been involved in The Bunker community for years.

Due to the time-consuming nature of vinyl pressing and distribution, we wanted to experiment with the immediacy of a digital-only release to provide an extremely fresh example of where The Bunker family of artists are at right now. As with all releases on The Bunker New York, everything has been mastered with loving care by Neel at Enisslab in Rome. For those who love objects to go with their digital music purchases, we are offering a very limited edition of this release exclusively on The Bunker New York Bandcamp that includes a Common Name-designed deluxe boxed USB with all the tracks, a long sleeve t-shirt only available as part of this release package, stickers, and an immediate lossless download on release day. The standard digital release will be available on our Bandcamp and everywhere else you can buy music online.

The Bunker New York
Various Artists - 15 Years of The Bunker

Release Date: 15th February 2018
Format: Digital

Track List:
01 David Last - Physical Value System
02 Coward - Bend Back
03 rrao - Anita
04 Mike Servito & Justin Cudmore - Juice Boxx
05 Lady OSC. - OAO
06 Jasen Loveland - Paranoid Raver Pt. 3 (4AM Curfew Mix)
07 J.F. Burma - Good Servant Bad Master
08 Tin Man - Melt Acid
09 Wata Igarashi - Adrenochrome
10 Mark Verbos - Meet Me There.
11 Leisure Muffin - Isoprene.
12 Løt.te - La maré e.
13 Ectomorph - Snake Charmer
14 Abby Echiverri - Dento Ronso
15 Clay Wilson - Arado
16 zemi17 - Awera
17 Derek Plaslaiko - Praia da Amalia
18 Neel - Sima
19 Forma - MMT-H8
20 Gunnar Haslam - Isola
21 Function - Norfolk Street Acid
22 Marco Shuttle - Ewe Tech
23 Romans - Novaria
24 Tobias. - Impossible.
25 Justin Cudmore - Real Shock
26 Ulysses - No Matter How Many Hashtags You Use You’ll Still Die Alone

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The Bunker New York


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