Codes and Metaphors 3

Black Jazz Consortium

Release date: March 11 2013

Whichever moniker he happens to be using, Fred Peterkin always pushes an impressionistic and emotionally involved style of deep house, occasionally bordering on techno. Good things come to those who wait… and in the last instalment to complete the album, Fred reminds us of what he does best.

Acid is back and “Amazing” is just that, showcasing a spacey journey into some seriously soulful, techy grooves. “Love is Blooming” is classic BJC, with silky vocals and dubby notes echoing in the background. Flip to the B and “Even Greater” takes you into a meditative state with transcending vocals and hypnotizing beats, while Aybee re-treats “Love is Blooming” with a less jazzy more ambient attack.


Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium/Anomaly)




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